Peculiar Update # 2: Our Super Ultimate Plan

Peculiar Update # 2: Our Super Ultimate Plan
October 28, 2014 Peculiar PPL
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Our goal is to provide amazing products and services to Peculiar PPL and there’s a reason behind this mission. We plan on changing the world in a huge, positive way and the most effective way for us to do this is to assist, equip, and motivate the world’s key change agents. These change agents are the Peculiar people and although they comprise about a small percentage of the world’s population, they are responsible for a lion’s share of its significant creations and innovations.  I see the tremendous value in Peculiar people and the need to preserve them, so I’ve named the company after them and I am dedicated to serving them. By adding value to those who multiply value to others, Peculiar PPL is able to impact society-at-large at exponential rates.

Peculiar PPL is not a solely a clothing brand, a pen manufacturer, or a retailer of premium bottles.  We are in the business of providing products and services to Peculiar people and that is our main focus for the foreseeable future! Therefore, if you’re a Peculiar person, then we are to serve you with the premium products and services that you need to continue making a positive impact on the world!

— Geremy

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