Our New, Shiny, Improved Logo!

Our New, Shiny, Improved Logo!
September 29, 2015 Peculiar PPL
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Peculiar-PPL-Logo-DisplayIf you’ve been following the Peculiar PPL brand since its inception, you are familiar with our script word mark logo.  This logo has been printed on hundreds of shirts, shoes, pens, and many other types of products and has been the primary way for people to identify the brand.  Today, I am excited to introduce a design mark logo that will be used in conjunction with the existing logo.

Our new and improved logo consists of the existing “Peculiar PPL” logo with the “Reaching for the Stars” design mark.  In the same way how Mercedes Benz can be identified by the iconic three pointed star logo and by the “Mercedes-Benz” text written with a serif font, Peculiar PPL will use the same philosophy to employ both a design mark and a word mark in order to promote brand recognition.

But our logo isn’t only a nice graphic that is associated with the brand, it has a much deeper meaning.  One important attribute of Peculiar people is that they not only strive to achieve more than what conventional thinkers believe is possible, but they actually achieve their goal.  Therefore, the logo mark depicts someone who is unique (hence the unique number of fingers) reaching for something that people think is unreachable (the stars) and they are within a close range of grabbing hold of it.

peculiarppl logo wireframe

We all have different “stars,” or super-ambitious goals.  But regardless of what others might say, we remain focused on the goal and we will continue striving until we achieve our goal…then we will set a bigger goal.  The logo was created as a constant reminder that you should always have your own star to strive for, and you should continue making progress towards that goal until you grab hold of it.  Peculiar PPL was formed in order to inspire, enable, and empower Peculiar people in each individual mission towards these goals!

When we open a brick and mortar location, this is how I see the two logos being used together to mark our location:

Peculiar PPL Store Display

Great things are happening, and this is only the beginning!

By Geremy F.

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