New Product: Peculiar PPL Stick To It

New Product: Peculiar PPL Stick To It
March 23, 2018 Peculiar PPL

I’m really happy to announce our latest product that describes an attribute of Peculiar People: Peculiar PPL Stick To It.  When things become challenging, other people may quit but Peculiar People Stick To It!

This is a sticker package that contains two stickers: one colored sticker and one black/transparent sticker.  Both stickers feature the Peculiar PPL “Reach For The Stars” logo, which reminds you to use your unique skills and abilities to reach your “stars,” or your goals.

The sticker package costs $5 for two stickers, with free shipping for orders totaling $10 or less.

Buy a sticker pack, take a photo of where you placed your sticker, and tag us in the photo so we can virtually pat you on the back!

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