About Us

Peculiar PPL®
Established in 2011
by a Peculiar person


In 2009, after a seemingly endless search for a particular, high quality dress-shirt that I wanted, I ended up empty handed. I emailed a few of my favorite companies to request the shirt I had my mind set on, but each company responded, “We don’t create that style of shirt because they aren’t popular.”

Unfortunately, my only option was to get the shirt custom-made, so I did just that. I contacted a tailor and waited two months for my shirt to be sewn and shipped to me.  Although I ended up with a shirt that matched my initial idea, the entire ordering process was frustrating. The service was lackluster, and when I did finally receive the shirt I’d anxiously waited months for, the packaging fell short.

The experience made me painfully aware of the lack of brands who seek to serve those whose desires mirror my own:  unique products, great service, and exciting packaging.  So I decided to make my own brand for people like me…Peculiar PPL!

I’ve always lived by the principle, “if opportunity doesn’t come knocking, build a door.” I immediately started working on a brand that would create limited-edition, high-quality products for people like me, while packaging each order in a memorable way, and providing a wonderful experience along the way.

After over a year of preparation, Peculiar PPL was born in March 2011. Our first product? A t-shirt that embodied my motivation, “if opportunity doesn’t come knocking, Peculiar PPL build a door.”  We’ve grown from a clothing company to a lifestyle brand, selling everything from footwear, to notebooks, to insulated bottles.

Our mission is to equip and inspire Peculiar people everywhere and we do it through high-quality products paired with a wonderful service experience.  While this started with an unpleasant shirt experience, it will end with a wonderful life experience for Peculiar people everywhere through Peculiar PPL!

Geremy F.
Founder of Peculiar PPL

High Quality Products

All of our products are evaluated against strict quality guidelines to ensure that they will withstand the test of time

Flat-Rate Shipping

Whether your order contains one item or 200 items, shipping will be charged at $6 per order for packages shipped within the United States.

Great Packaging

We strive for every order to be “smile inducing,” so we pay special attention to the packaging used to deliver your order to you.

World-Class Guarantee

All of our products have generous return policies, so if you aren’t happy with your product, contact us and we will strive to make things right!

Wonderful Service

You are important to us, so we aim to give you the best possible ordering experience ever

Team Peculiar

When you place an order with us, you are immediately inducted into “Team Peculiar” for life.  Congratulations!  You’re in an elite club with other Peculiar people!

Our mission is to equip and inspire the world’s Peculiar people!