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  • PeculiarPPLEliminateExcusesHoodie

    Eliminate Excuses

    A wise man once said “Ninety-nine percent of failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses.” That same wise man invented over 100 different recipes for peanuts, including peanut soup! Even though peanut soup sounds like the least appetizing thing that you can make with peanuts, George Washington Carver was onto something when he suggested that repeated excuses lead you away from success.

    This hoodie reminds you to Eliminate Excuses while you pursue success! In fact, while designing this hoodie, we had many reasons why it shouldn’t be created, which crippled the design process. But after eliminating excuses for why we couldn’t, we suddenly saw many opportunities for why we should release it into the world. The existence of this hoodie shows that results happen when excuses are eliminated and possibilities are embraced!

    Peculiar PPL Eliminate Excuses! Are you Peculiar??

  • Peculiar Track Jacket
    Peculiar Ladies Track Jacket

    Stay on Track

    Peculiar PPL go beyond what others believe is possible and they stay on track until their goals are achieved! You can have fun wearing this swanky track jacket while staying on track towards success! To make things better, you can even customize this jacket with your name or motivational phrase to make your jacket extra special!

    This zip-up track jacket has the Peculiar PPL “Reach For the Stars” logo embroidered on the front and you can optionally customize your jacket with your own embroidered text for just $7 more.

    This medium weight track jacket is perfect for the Fall or Spring, has a nicely contrasted pattern and has two pockets for your hands or for two handfuls of gummy bears.

  • Rise To New Heights Blue
    Rise To New Heights Grey

    Reach New Heights

    There are some people who are comfortable with living on the “ground floor” and then there are others who hop on the plane and reach new heights. Those who aspire to reach new heights are often Peculiar People! This shirt is available in blue, black, and grey, so you can choose the color that best represents your style and wear this shirt as you excel and soar to new heights!

  • Peculiar Stickers
    Peculiar Decals - Color

    Stick to It

    These Peculiar PPL stickers stick to things. Whether it’s a wall, a laptop, a book, or a mirror, these stickers stick to it. Buy these stickers and stick them on things because they stick.

    You will receive two stickers: one colored sticker with a white background and one black sticker with a transparent background. These stickers feature the Peculiar PPL “Reach for the Stars” logo, which reminds you that you should use your unique skills and abilities to reach your goals!

    As you may have read in our blog post, the Peculiar PPL logo features the hand of a Peculiar person reaching for their star, which is any “out of this world” goal that they must stretch to reach. This sticker was created to remind you to continue reaching for your stars!!

  • Peculiar-PPL-Lunch-Bag-Black
    Peculiar PPL Lunch Bag


    All Peculiar People eat, and now we’ve got the perfect insulated lunch bag to make your eating experience a delightful one. The “Peculiar PPL Eat” lunch bag is insulated to keep your meal fresh throughout the day and it is large enough to comfortably hold your insulated bottle using the built-in, elastic bottle holder.

    It includes both a handle and a shoulder strap that can be used interchangeably, depending on your preference. The bag has a main pouch that is large enough to store A LOT of things, and it has a smaller rear pouch to hold your condiments or anything else that tickles your fancy.

    The front of the bag features an accented square that subtlety displays the Peculiar PPL “Reaching for the Stars” logo without detracting from the overall look of the bag.

    You want this bag. So buy it and bring your food with you everywhere you go, instead of having to worry about purchasing lunch everyday!

  • Peculiar-Wine-Glass2

    Peculiar Glass

    The Peculiar PPL Glass is like the Swiss Army knife of glasses. You can use it to drink hot beverages, cold beverages, and even warm beverages. Or, if you’re not the type of person who likes to drink beverages, you can use it as a stylish way to hold your pens, pencils, or markers. Or if you’re not the type of person who uses writing instruments, you can use it as a stylish way to keep your candies and sweets. Or if you’re not the type of person who likes sweets, use it to store your baby carrots. Regardless of who you are, there’s a place for the Peculiar Glass in your life!

  • peculiarbeanie


    Peculiar People use brainstorming to come up with new, creative ideas and Peculiar PPL created the Brainstorm hat to keep your head warm while you do it. Whether you are brainstorming new ideas to impact the world or you’re trying to keep your head warm in the cold, The Peculiar PPL Brainstorm is the hat that you should use.

    This is one of the most stylish ways to stay warm while looking cool.

    And yes, the price is $19.19. That’s not a mistake. It’s Peculiar.

  • thinkingcap

    The Thinking Cap

    Before making a big decision, be sure to wear your Peculiar PPL Thinking Cap! While this hat does not have any mystical powers to cause new ideas to flow into your brain, it does something else that is equally cool. By wearing this hat, you’ll keep your head cool while simultaneously looking cool.

    That’s not an easy feat, but with the Peculiar PPL Thinking Cap, we make it easy!

  • reflectionlightblue

    Make a Statement – Light Blue

    The “Peculiar PPL Make a Statement” dress shirt line was designed for Peculiar people to make a striking statement without having to say a word. This classy powder blue shirt features pink and black accents throughout the shirt for a beautifully contrasted color scheme.

  • reflectionbrown

    Make a Statement – Brown

    The “Peculiar PPL Make a Statement” dress shirt line was designed for Peculiar people to make a striking statement without having to say a word. This chocolate Brown dress shirt has light blue and pink contrasted design accents that adds subtle hints to your peculiarity in a stunning way.

  • reflectionbluea

    Make a Statement – Blue

    The “Peculiar PPL Make a Statement” dress shirt line was designed for Peculiar people to make a striking statement without having to say a word. This navy blue dress shirt features subtle stylish pink accents to enhance the design of your outfit without taking the attention from your overall look.

  • Reflection-Grey1

    Make a Statement – Grey

    The “Peculiar PPL Make a Statement” dress shirt line was designed for Peculiar people to make a striking statement without having to say a word. This grey striped dress shirt gives you the versatility to wear it with your favorite set of cufflinks to complete the entire look!

  • peculiariphonecasered2

    Reach for the Stars Phone Case

    The Peculiar PPL “Reaching for the Stars” logo reminds you to relentlessly pursue your goals, visions, dreams and aspirations in spite of obstacles that stand before you. What better way to remind you to pursue your goals than to place this reminder on a device that you use all day, everyday?

    Our phone case is available in both red and midnight blue contains a hard layer combined with a soft hybrid silicone/plastic layer to protect the phone’s body against drops and scratches. The case also provides open, clear access to all ports, buttons and switches.

    This case is available in two different colors for a variety of different devices. You can further customize your case with text up to 150 characters for $5 extra. Feel free to write an inspiring message, or include your name directly on the case!

    ** After purchasing the custom text option, input your message choice in the order notes section of the checkout page **

  • WeArePeculiarHoodie3

    We Are Peculiar

    This zip-up Peculiar hoodie reads, “We are Peculiar PPL, a Royal Priesthood, a Chosen Generation,” which was adapted from the verse in 1 Peter 2:9. This statement embodies the qualities and characteristics of Peculiar people in the world everywhere. This hoodie currently holds the record for the fastest sold-out item on PeculiarPPL.com, even after two additional restocks. Limited quantities available in a few select sizes so move quickly to get your zip-up hoodie!

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
  • Peculiar-Hoodie

    Peculiar PPL Build Doors

    When opportunity doesn’t come knocking, Peculiar People build a door! This hoodie depicts 4 Peculiar people patiently putting together a door as a reminder to you to create your own opportunities when opportunities don’t come to find you. With this hoodie pullover with dual front pockets, you can stay warm while remaining cool.

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
  • TeamPeculiarRed

    Peculiar Wristband

    Want to know an easy way of spotting other Peculiar people? Simply locate the Peculiar Wristband on their hand. This wristband is available in yellow, white, red, purple, blue, and black, so you can show that you’re on Team Peculiar regardless of what outfit you’re wearing.

  • Writing-Instrument

    Peculiar Writing Instrument

    Our Peculiar Writing Instrument is a fantastic rollerball pen that effortlessly glides across paper, allowing you to record your peculiar thoughts for all posterity!

    This pen features:
    • Elegant carbon-fiber weaving on pen barrel
    • A smooth writing experience
    • The flexibility of a rollerball nib with the fluidity of a fountain pen
    • Quick drying ink, which allows for smudge-free writing
    • A superior Five-Year Service Plan

    The Peculiar Writing Instrument is the perfect companion for all Peculiar people. Easy to carry around to jot down your latest, greatest idea, this writing instrument has been designed to make the flow of words and ideas from head to paper as seamless as possible—after all, ideas are quick to come and go, especially when you have so many of them!

    The Peculiar People Writing Instrument has been designed as a pen for life, so every pen comes with our exclusive Peculiar PPL Five-Year Service Plan, designed especially for Peculiar People!

    For the first five years, enjoy an annual writing instrument service check, including:
    • Replacement of any ink cartridge less than 25% full
    • Upgrade of the writing instrument cartridge to the latest version
    • Replacement of all worn parts
    • Replacement of all springs as necessary
    • Replacement of any damaged caps
    • Polishing of the barrel to a glossy, “good as new” shine

  • Certified-Peculiar-Bottle-blue

    Peculiar Insulated Bottle

    Our insulated Peculiar PPL bottle keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold, and it does it in the most stylish way possible. Available in white and blue, our bottles are durable, beautiful and perfectly sized for when you’re on-the-go.

    The bottle keeps your drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours without showing any signs of condensation on the outside of the bottle. Also, the stone-like texture was hand-painted and coated twice with a stone like texture to make it easy to grip. Also, the bottle’s mouth is wide enough for ice cubes and also for sipping drinks without any worry of spills or drips.

    Best of all, this bottle was subject to rigorous testing and has been Certified Peculiar (ID# 10001)

  • Different-Cloth-Male-Fl

    Cut from a Different Cloth

    Peculiar PPL are cut from a different cloth! This shirt features a Peculiar character holding the different types of cloth that were weaved together in order to create an outfit that was suitable enough to wear. This shirt represents all of the different qualities that are weaved together like patchwork in order to form the wonderfully unique Peculiar PPL of the world.

    This shirt is available in both unisex and women’s sizes

  • Boldly-Peculiar-Blue-Flat

    Boldy Peculiar

    Peculiar PPL Boldly Declare their Peculiarity! This shirt is available in blue, green and cranberry and features a premium oversized print with vintage-style script writing. What better way to show people that you’re Peculiar than with a shirt that has a giant “PECULIAR” text written vertically down the front??

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
  • Peter-P-Peculiar-Blue-Flat

    Peter P. Peculiar

    Peter P. Peculiar is one of the members of the “Peculiar” family. He sets big goals and achieves them, he is diligent, and he is changing the world in a big way. Buy this shirt in blue and purple and show your support for Peculiar P. Peculiar and his desire to be Peculiar!

  • I-am-Peculiar-Black

    I’m Peculiar

    Show the world that you are Peculiar person by proudly displaying your proclamation of peculiarity on your Peculiar PPL Tee. This item is available in both Black and Cranberry for you to display your Peculiarity in two different color themes, and it is limited to 25 pieces per color. Are you Peculiar?

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
  • PastTheSkyRed-Product

    Past the Sky

    How could the sky possibly be the limit when there are footprints on the moon? In fact, the sky is only the beginning for Peculiar people!

    As a Peculiar person, you know that we reach way beyond the sky in order to aim higher, see bigger and achieve greater! This shirt is available with either green and red graphics to remind the world that Peculiar PPL reach way beyond the sky! Are you Peculiar?