Shipping Policy Update

Shipping Policy Update
March 16, 2021 Peculiar PPL

We’ve made an important and exciting change to our store’s shipping policy. For the last decade, we’ve used a simple way of calculating shipping: within the US is $6 shipping and outside of the US is $15 USD shipping. This meant that regardless of if you ordered two t-shirts or 137 hoodies, your shipping rate was the same and didn’t require any complex calculations to understand your order total.

Although our shipping costs have increased by over 30% and our packaging has become significantly more complex, our shipping policy has remained the same…until today.

Effective immediately, we are implementing the following change to our shipping policy: Every order under $10 will ship for free. We’ve realized that a $9.99 “Stick to It” sticker package or a $3.99 Peculiar Wristband shouldn’t cost $6 to ship, so we’ve eliminated the shipping cost for these items and all future items under the price of $10 effective immediately. Our remaining shipping policies will remain the same so you can feel free to pick up some of our newer items, like the new Peculiar Mug or the Peculiar Comfort plush blanket.

Thank you and Stay Peculiar!!

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