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Our Story

In 2009, what started as an exciting search for a particular, high-quality dress shirt ended as a disappointing journey that left me empty-handed. Undeterred by the unfruitful search, I contacted a few of my favorite apparel companies to ask where I could purchase the shirt I had in mind. With each inquiry, I received a response along the lines of, “that shirt is no longer produced because it’s not popular enough.” Unwilling to accept the roadblocks as a dead-end, I continued to pursue other options to get my highly sought-after shirt.
I contacted a highly-regarded tailor with the specifications of the shirt I desired, and I learned to exercise patience as I waited two months for this shirt to come to life. Although I finally received a version of the shirt that I wanted, the agonizing wait, lackluster service, and bland packaging made me lose all enthusiasm for the shirt I once yearned for. This experience gave me a visceral awareness of the void in the world for companies that catered to the narrow population of people to which I belonged.
While most brands seek to appeal to the vast majority of people who conform to current trends, there aren’t many who focus on those who set them. That’s when the passion I once had to purchase the best dress shirt evolved into an unrelenting drive to make the best company centered around the people who seemed to be forgotten.
Peculiar PPL was birthed in 2011 with such an extreme focus on those we serve that we named our company after them. We create the highest-quality products for the world’s best leaders and change agents, paired with a wonderful customer service experience and delivered in striking packaging in a timely manner. What was originally positioned as a clothing company quickly expanded to a wide range of products created specifically for our community of Peculiar PPL. Years later, we have launched many successful products, ranging from t-shirts, dress shirts, footwear, notebooks, writing instruments, glass drinkware, phone cases, insulated bottles, and more.
Our journey started with a frustrating search but continues through a beautiful masterpiece by empowering those who are best equipped to positively impact the world.
— Geremy                  
Founder, Peculiar PPL

Who Are Peculiar PPL?

Peculiar PPL are leaders and influencers in society who are not imprisoned by social conventions. They are creative thinkers and doers, not permanently swayed or dismayed by failure. Instead, they learn from it and forge ahead, demonstrating incredible grit and resilience. They attempt things that others won’t to accomplish what others can’t. They see things from new perspectives, triggering fresh ideas and insights. Combining brilliance with talent and a deep work ethic, they accomplish amazing things!


Are You Peculiar?

How We Do It

High Quality Products

Our products are evaluated against our quality guidelines to ensure that they withstand the test of time

Free Shipping

All our orders ship for free when delivered within the United States

Memorable Packaging

We focus on our order packaging to elicit the feeling of unwrapping a gift from a friend

Our Mission

We empower catalysts of positive change, enabling them to leverage their efforts and create a cascade of transformative impact on a global scale.

Our Vision

Our vision is to brighten your everyday, by providing unique products, personalized service, and a fun and friendly experience that inspires and enables you to unleash the extraordinary within yourself and make a positive impact on the world."

We were created to equip and inspire the world’s best change makers, by creating high quality products and delivering them through a memorable experience.

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