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  • The Peculiar Future

    Today marks exactly 5 years from the day that I launched Peculiar PPL. Happy Birthday, Peculiar PPL…you’re finally old enough to go to kindergarten!!

    While the brand is called “Peculiar PPL,” the company is called “Peculiar Enterprises, LLC” because the overall mission was always bigger than just creating and selling great products. My vision is to equip and inspire Peculiar people–which are the people who have an unwavering drive to positively affect the world with their unique skills. When these people are empowered, they make a positive change in the world, which benefits everyone.

    Here’s a deeper look at the Peculiar Enterprises Strategy as I envisioned it six years ago:

    Phase 1: Create a clothing brand to better understand Peculiar people

    Peculiar PPL doesn’t seek to be the biggest brand in the world, but I’d like it to be the most important brand in the world. Instead of trying to individually reach all 7+ billion people, I’d like to just appeal to the few million change agents out there. These are the people who move first and then the rest of the world follows. They’re leaders, pioneers, deviants, and independent thinkers. They’re the ones who can massively impact the world in a great way when they’re inspired, motivated, and given the tools and support that they need.

    Selling products through Peculiar PPL is my way of reaching trailblazers and understanding their needs via the things that they purchase and their interaction with the brand. A key part of “phase 1” is providing the products that enhance a Peculiar person’s daily life. This is why I started with the # 1 thing that they use every single day of their lives: clothing.

    Peculiar Packaging

    Instead of trying to create the cheapest shirts, I focused on limited edition, high-quality shirts with inspiring messages on them, packaged in a very unique way…like meat at a supermarket. Then I moved onto other products that Peculiar PPL use frequently, like dress shirts, pens, notebooks, bottles, and cell phone cases. The focus of all of these products is to maximize quality, not minimize costs.

    The brand is currently still in Phase 1 where I will continue to create more and more products that will appeal to Peculiar people, enhance their work and inspire them to do more great things. As I continue to learn about Peculiar people, we will eventually enter into Phase 2.

    Phase 2: Use the learning from Phase 1 to expand Peculiar Enterprises into other areas

    Peculiar Enterprises Strategy.001

    The expansion areas include (not in any particular order):
    Transportation: Air travel, Auto travel
    Food: Restaurants, Cafes, Packaged food products
    Business Management: Business consulting, Business finance management, Personal finance management
    Knowledge: Seminars, Lectures, Schools, Content creation
    Media: Book publishing, Music production, Video production
    Real Estate: Interior design, Home construction, Commercial construction
    New Ventures: Venture capital, Business incubator
    Other Services: Concierge, medical center, Car wash, Delivery service

    I’ve got a very unique way of approaching each of these areas, and everything is in the service of Peculiar people. For instance, there will be a “Peculiar Air” private jet service for Peculiar people. Also, there will be buildings across the world where Peculiar people will go to do their work and be effective. Those buildings will include offices for people who are working on important projects or for people who are starting their new ventures, restaurants where they can get healthy food options, studios for people to create content, and libraries filled with resources to teach and inspire. Everything will be created with the unique needs of Peculiar people in mind, and will be unlike anything that exists today.

    Phase 3: Help others create products and services to reach Peculiar people

    Phases 1 and 2 are there to show that Peculiar people can make a massive impact in the world when they are appropriately served. Phase 3 will be to help large brands focus a percentage of their efforts on helping Peculiar people.

    Imagine Apple creating a Certified Peculiar iPad, or Tesla releasing a Certified Peculiar Model III, or Google releasing a Certified Peculiar software suite. The intention of the third phase is to take everything that was learned in Phases 1 and 2 of the plan and sharing it with companies who want to meet the needs of the people who positively impact the world. If other companies don’t want to do this, then it’s fine…Peculiar Enterprises will do it ourselves.


    So that’s a high-level view of the planned future of the company. It won’t be easy because it has never been successfully completed on a large scale, but my life’s mission is to add value to those who multiply value to others, and those people are Peculiar people.

    To celebrate the 5 years of Peculiar PPL (and to reward those who have read this far into this post), I’m announcing two things today:

    1) A $5 credit on, with free shipping.
    Every customer can get $5 off each purchase with free shipping on for the next 5 days (through March 24th) by using the code 5ive. You can use the credit to buy something for $5, or you can buy the t-shirt or bottle that you’ve always wanted. Either way, each person can use the coupon once, so have fun with it and tell all of your friends…you can even buy something and ship it directly to them and seem like the best, most thoughtful friend ever!

    2) Launch of the Peculiar PPL Ambassador program
    The ambassador program was created to get feedback on future products and to reward those who spread the word about the brand. You can visit to read all about the program and apply.

    Thank you to everyone who has participated in the brand along the way! It has been an exciting five years and I’m looking forward to an exciting, Peculiar future. If you want to stay tuned-in to the developments, Like us on Facebook, Add us on Instagram, and Follow us on Twitter!

    – Geremy

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