Stick to It


These Peculiar PPL stickers stick to things. Whether it’s a wall, a laptop, a book, or a mirror, these stickers stick to it. Buy these stickers and stick them on things because they stick.

You will receive four stickers: 1) A Peculiar PPL logo sticker with our signature colors, 2) A Peculiar PPL logo sticker in black with with a transparent background, 3) A “We are Peculiar” Peculiar PPL crest design sticker, and 3) A Peter P Peculiar sticker.

The Peculiar PPL logo features the hand of a Peculiar person reaching for their star, which is any “out of this world” goal that they must stretch to reach. This sticker pack was created to remind you to continue reaching for your stars and to Stay Peculiar!

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These stickers are various sizes, with the largest stickers measuring 2.97″ wide and 4″ tall. They are durable and made from high-quality vinyl, which is resistant to fading. The color stickers have a white outline and background, which is clearly visible on most surfaces. The black sticker has a transparent outline and background, and is most visible when affixed to a light colored surface.

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Stick to It