• The Story of the Peter P. Peculiar Shirt

    Today marks the two year anniversary of the release of the Peter P. Peculiar shirt and I want to let you in on a few lesser-known facts about the shirt!  The idea for the shirt was birthed during a casual conversation with my sister in March 2012.  I showed her a graphic that I was working on and she said, “he looks like his name is Peter!” We continued to make a series of jokes about this fictional “Peter” character and eventually she said, “you need to put him on a shirt!”

    Over the next few minutes we threw around ideas about how to make Peter the nerdiest character on the block.  “His name should be Peter P. Peculiar and he should be a stickler about not abbreviating his name!  He should wear huge glasses all the time and he should have a name tag with his name and an ID number on it.”  I didn’t want to lose the surge of creativity that was flowing, so I immediately went to work on the shirt and when I was happy with it, I posted a mockup of it on Facebook for my friends to react to.

    The feedback was overwhelmingly positive with comments such as, “I’ll take one in every color, thanks!”  “…mesmerizing…” “I LOVE IT!!  I wanttttt!!”  “Such a cute little hipster!  Love the glasses” and “ohh, he’s soo cute!”  After seeing this, it was obvious that I had to make this shirt into a reality, but first I had to put a Peculiar PPL spin on it.

    First, I added two secret messages to the tag of the shirt.  I do this to all Peculiar PPL t-shirts because people usually ignore the tags of their shirts.  When was the last time that you bought a shirt and immediately read its care instructions on the tag?  Since this is an often overlooked part of the shirt, I knew that I had to make it special with two secret messages on it.  The goal was for the owner of the shirt to randomly notice the writing one day after owning it for several months and then immediately smile and feel uplifted.  (If you own a Peculiar PPL t-shirt, you should check out the tag right now, if you haven’t already.)

    Then, on the back of the shirt I put a “hi my name is” name tag that was never shown on any advertised product images.  I wanted to make sure that this graphic was a pleasant surprise to people since they wouldn’t have seen this graphic until they received the shirt to their door.  The name tag was on the back of the shirt and it said, “Hello my name is Peter P. Peculiar.” Then, on the bottom of the name tag, it says “ID # 1PE2V9.”  Most people would assume that 1PE2V9 was the result of me ferociously banging on the keyboard, but it is actually an insider message.  In the bible, there’s a scripture verse in 1 Peter 2 verse 9 that says, “But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people…”  Since it says “peculiar people” in the verse, I thought that it would be fun to put it on a Peculiar PPL shirt.

    In addition, this shirt secretly revealed two future Peculiar PPL products that were released shortly after:  1) the shades that Peter wore on the front of the shirt,  and 2) the “We are Peculiar” shirt that quotes the “1PE2V9” verse.

    Happy Birthday, Peter!


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  • Peculiar Update # 1: Our Plan

    Believe it or not, it has been three years since Peculiar PPL launched our first product and we have been busy with a lot of other developments

    We’ve created 23 different products, 16 line extensions of these products and two unique packaging experiences that mimic the feeling of unwrapping a surprise gift.  We’ve shipped over 100 orders to 6 different countries, with 68% of customers submitting a second order within 1 month of their initial order.  We held 5 pop-up shops in Paterson, Jersey City and Montclair, New Jersey.  We produced one video display of our product, purchased the rights to one piece of unique art, (which we included with all orders), and released a mother’s day video.

    We outgrew our online shop, which was hosted by a third party, and we brought the expertise in-house to a solution that is entirely hosted and administered by us.  We also implemented additional security measures (like SSL encrypted checkouts) for additional user security, and we performed numerous backend changes to improve the entire order fulfillment profess.

    Thus far this year, we have been granted a “Peculiar PPL” trademark with the US Patent and Trademark office, we migrated our online server to a dedicated hosting provider, we’ve completely redesigned our website and greatly improved our shipping packaging, allowing us to introduce a flat rate shipping cost of $6 whether you order one t-shirt or 80 different products.  In addition, we have many new developments to announce over the next few months as we prepare for the next phase of our growth journey.

    In a future blog posting, we’ll share our super-secret ultimate plan that explains why we are doing what we are doing!

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  • Throwback Thursday: First Peculiar Tee

    For today’s throwback thursday, we are remembering the inaugural “Peculiar PPL Build Doors” T-shirt that launched the brand on 3/30/2011.  Here’s a side-by-side view of version 1 of the concept, alongside the final printed version.

    Before and After of the design

    Thank you to everyone who started their Peculiar tee collection by first purchasing this t-shirt!

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  • The Peculiar Writing Instrument Guarantee

    We believe that we create the world’s best writing instrument.  To further support our belief, we have established an outstanding service and warranty plan to keep your writing instrument in its best shape for many years after your purchase.  Constant users of the Peculiar Writing Instrument will subject the pen to a variety of stresses and strains, therefore, we offer a complimentary guarantee to you to ensure that your pen will always function in the highest possible quality.

    Service: We include a five-year service plan with the purchase of every Peculiar writing instrument. On an annual basis, we will service your instrument to ensure that it maintains its optimal performance and reliability.  Our superior servicing process includes:

      • Checking ink cartridge levels and replacing any cartridge that is less than 25% full
      • Upgrading the rollerball ink cartridge to the latest Peculiar Writing Instrument version
      • Inspecting the rollerball point assembly and replacing any worn parts
      • Inspecting and replacing all springs as necessary
      • Inspecting the cap assembly for damage or wear and tear and replacing or repairing as necessary
      • Polishing the instrument body to return it to its original shine

    For the lifetime of the writing instrument, we unquestionably guarantee the product against any and all all manufacturing defects and workmanship flaws.

    We want to ensure that your Peculiar Writing Instrument is your favorite writing tool forever and our service and warranty plan should help to make that a reality!

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  • Peculiar PPL Build Doors Hoodie

    We are pleased to announce our new hoodie, “Peculiar PPL Build Doors,” which is a variation of our inaugural t-shirt design.  The message behind the design is, “when opportunity doesn’t come knocking, Peculiar PPL build a door.”  The hoodie is a medium-weight, navy blue garment with a bold, yellow and white design featuring four eager Peculiar People.   The hoodie fits slightly larger than typical and it is available now in in limited numbers for $44.

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