• Shipping Policy Update

    We’ve made an important and exciting change to our store’s shipping policy. For the last decade, we’ve used a simple way of calculating shipping: within the US is $6 shipping and outside of the US is $15 USD shipping. This meant that regardless of if you ordered two t-shirts or 137 hoodies, your shipping rate was the same and didn’t require any complex calculations to understand your order total.

    Although our shipping costs have increased by over 30% and our packaging has become significantly more complex, our shipping policy has remained the same…until today.

    Effective immediately, we are implementing the following change to our shipping policy: Every order under $10 will ship for free. We’ve realized that a $9.99 “Stick to It” sticker package or a $3.99 Peculiar Wristband shouldn’t cost $6 to ship, so we’ve eliminated the shipping cost for these items and all future items under the price of $10 effective immediately. Our remaining shipping policies will remain the same so you can feel free to pick up some of our newer items, like the new Peculiar Mug or the Peculiar Comfort plush blanket.

    Thank you and Stay Peculiar!!

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  • New Product: A Golden Perspective

    Our newest shirt comes with a slightly golden touch to it.  This shirt is called “A Golden Perspective” and has a touch of gold in the front and another touch of gold in the back.  However, to keep things interesting, you won’t be able to see the gold in the back of the shirt until you order it.  But I assure you that if you’re Peculiar, you’ll like how it looks!  Are you Peculiar?

    You can view this shirt right here!

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  • New Product: Peculiar PPL Stick To It

    I’m really happy to announce our latest product that describes an attribute of Peculiar People: Peculiar PPL Stick To It.  When things become challenging, other people may quit but Peculiar People Stick To It!

    This is a sticker package that contains two stickers: one colored sticker and one black/transparent sticker.  Both stickers feature the Peculiar PPL “Reach For The Stars” logo, which reminds you to use your unique skills and abilities to reach your “stars,” or your goals.

    The sticker package costs $5 for two stickers, with free shipping for orders totaling $10 or less.

    Buy a sticker pack, take a photo of where you placed your sticker, and tag us in the photo so we can virtually pat you on the back!

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  • Peculiar PPL Brainstorm

    Today we are releasing our newest product, the “Peculiar PPL Brainstorm” Beanie.

    We had a lot of fun creating this because it is simple, yet functional.  It has the Peculiar PPL “Reaching for the Stars” logo embroidered on the front and it does a great job at keeping your head warm in all environments.

    Go to the product page and check it out for yourself

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  • Free Peculiar Steps!

    Many people take shoes for granted. If you are a middle class American, you most likely have multiple pairs of shoes that you can choose to wear each day. But unfortunately, there are people in the world who aren’t as fortunate, and Peculiar PPL would like to do something about it.

    In 2012, we introduced the “Peculiar Steps” loafers to the world and four years later, we are using these loafers to help transform lives. Beginning today, we are giving free pairs of the Peculiar PPL loafers to those in need. Whether you lack a new pair of shoes to start the school year, or you haven’t been able to afford a proper pair of shoes in a while, we’ve got a great pair of shoes for you.

    If you, or someone you know is located in the United States and in need of a size 7 through 10.5 men’s loafer and can greatly benefit from a new pair of shoes, follow these steps to apply for a pair:

    1. Go to the Peculiar Steps product page
    2. Click “I’m in Need of Free Shoes” and complete the form
    3. If approved, you will receive an email with a gift certificate code for your free pair. If denied, you will receive an email explaining why

    In addition, the profits of every order received will go towards offsetting the packaging and shipping costs of this initiative. So if you would like to lend your support, you can place an order on

    This initiative will continue until there are no longer any shoes remaining. Since there is a limited number of shoes, we would like to reserve each shoe for those who are truly in need, so please help us make a difference by spreading the word to those who can benefit.

    Thank you, and Stay Peculiar!


    ** at this time, we are limited to shipping to US residents only, but we are exploring options to continue this initiative internationally

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