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  • $44.00

    Peculiar Comfort

    The Peculiar Comfort blanket is the thing that you've always needed but never knew existed. It is a super soft blanket measuring four feet long by five feet wide with a smooth mink texture on one side and a fluffy, plush mink material on the other. Best of all, it has a wonderful design of Peter P. Peculiar on one side in blue, white and green. When you wrap yourself in this blanket, it feels better than a hug from your favorite person. So whether you need a little bit of warmth while laying on the couch, or you want a nice blanket to keep you comfortable year-round, this blanket is exactly what you need!
  • Peculiar Insulated Bottle

    Our insulated Peculiar PPL bottle keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold, and it does it in the most stylish way possible. Available in white and blue, our bottles are durable, beautiful and perfectly sized for when you're on-the-go. The bottle keeps your drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours without showing any signs of condensation on the outside of the bottle. Also, the stone-like texture was hand-painted and coated twice with a stone like texture to make it easy to grip. Also, the bottle's mouth is wide enough for ice cubes and also for sipping drinks without any worry of spills or drips.
  • $22.00

    Peculiar Writing Instrument

    Our Peculiar Writing Instrument is a fantastic rollerball pen that effortlessly glides across paper, allowing you to record your peculiar thoughts for all posterity! This pen features: • Elegant carbon-fiber weaving on pen barrel • A smooth writing experience • The flexibility of a rollerball nib with the fluidity of a fountain pen • Quick drying ink, which allows for smudge-free writing • A superior Five-Year Service Plan The Peculiar Writing Instrument is the perfect companion for all Peculiar people. Easy to carry around to jot down your latest, greatest idea, this writing instrument has been designed to make the flow of words and ideas from head to paper as seamless as possible—after all, ideas are quick to come and go, especially when you have so many of them! The Peculiar People Writing Instrument has been designed as a pen for life, so every pen comes with our exclusive Peculiar PPL Five-Year Service Plan, designed especially for Peculiar People! For the first five years, enjoy an annual writing instrument service check, including: • Replacement of any ink cartridge less than 25% full • Upgrade of the writing instrument cartridge to the latest version • Replacement of all worn parts • Replacement of all springs as necessary • Replacement of any damaged caps • Polishing of the barrel to a glossy, “good as new” shine
  • $9.99

    Stick to It

    These Peculiar PPL stickers stick to things. Whether it's a wall, a laptop, a book, or a mirror, these stickers stick to it. Buy these stickers and stick them on things because they stick. You will receive four stickers: 1) A Peculiar PPL logo sticker with our signature colors, 2) A Peculiar PPL logo sticker in black with with a transparent background, 3) A "We are Peculiar" Peculiar PPL crest design sticker, and 3) A Peter P Peculiar sticker. As you may have read in our blog post, the Peculiar PPL logo features the hand of a Peculiar person reaching for their star, which is any "out of this world" goal that they must stretch to reach. This sticker pack was created to remind you to continue reaching for your stars and to Stay Peculiar!
  • Peculiar Wristband

    Want to know an easy way of spotting other Peculiar people? Simply locate the Peculiar Wristband on their hand. This wristband is available in yellow, white, red, purple, blue, and black, so you can show that you're on Team Peculiar regardless of what outfit you're wearing.